iPhone Tip: Music Timer

I have something to share with you.

Too often I check into a hotel after a long day, get ready to go to bed, turn on the TV and look for the sleep button on the remote. Of course as my luck has it, the remote doesn’t have one OR it just doesn’t work. But now I have a way to hear music rather than the guests in the hall. Read through the iPhone tips on your phone and you will find some great options. There is a way to play music and have it turn off in 20 minutes, 30 minutes or even longer by just setting the timer. Now I can fall asleep to something relaxing rather than the arguing of the Real Housewives!

Go to the Clock, then the Timer and select  “When Timer Ends”  at the bottom. Rather than selecting a ringtone like an alarm, select “Stop Playing” at the bottom. Then turn on your music and drift off to sleep!



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