On the Road Eats: Des Moines

I have something to share with you.

Four of us traveling to Des Moines for a meeting.  Four different parts of the country and probably four very different tastes when it comes to dining.  I took the role of travel mom and made some reservations!

Fong Pizza
I arrived right after lunch and rather than eat at the airport(I think the only option was True Burger), I walked down the street from my hotel to Fong Pizza.  I was curious – a pizza place with an asian twist.  Unfortunately I arrived too late to get pizza by the slice but they offered a Chicken Thai pizza that sounded interesting.  I also didn’t want to ruin my appetite for dinner so I opted for Pizza Rolls, handmade in egg roll wrappers filled with pepperoni, Graziano sausage and mozzarella, served with a side of marinara.  Pizza in an egg roll wrapper…Yum!  Turned out to be good, something I would order again but if I return to Des Moines, I think trying an asian twist pizza is my first choice.

image imageimage

The atmosphere was great.  The service was a bit slow but they did have an event going on.  The appetizers and salads were really good.  But it seemed as if they forgot to use salt and pepper on our entrées.  Once we added it ourselves, the food was much better but we still were left a bit disappointed.  See, I was there with two other colleagues and was hoping to pick a great spot for them to try in Des Moines.  We started with the poutine(we shared), the brussel sprouts(shared) and then another table sent us over duck wings(only available by request on Tuesday nights and WOW– they were awesome).  Then my two colleagues got salads and said they were fantastic. Entrées- Chicken and Bacon Macaroni Gratin, Coq Au Vin and Coq Au Riesling.  Next time I am in town – I am coming back for charcuterie and some drinks!

image image image image

I have been here before.  And I remembered how much I enjoyed the pizza so I had to come back.  Four for lunch, the place was busy and they were able to get our food out to us pretty quick so we could head off to a meeting.  I tried the Caesar salad with the white pizza – another person had pizza with sausage and pepperoni.  Everyone at the table enjoyed this meal!!

image image

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