My Favorite Things: Spanx Shapewear

I have something to share with you.

I found the perfect faux-wrap dress 4 years ago and I didn’t buy it. It was the perfect length, a great pattern and the price was right. But, I felt way too self conscious about it showing(rather highlighting) the fact that I had recently gained some weight in the belly area.

My friend said I was crazy for not buying it- just wear it with Spanx she said. But the problem was I didn’t own a pair of Spanx. I had tried shapewear once (unsuccessfully) for an evening work event. The legs of the not-Spanx shapewear kept rolling up, I was super uncomfortable and my frustration got the best of me so I took them off and threw them away.

spanxBut I decided to try again(I really wanted that dress). Rather than spend a lot of money at a department store(in case I had a a second failed experience), I tried a different line, Assets by Sara Blakely, the Spanx line they sell at Target. SUCCESS!  My first purchase, which I still have today, was a black pair of “shorts” to flatten the belly area and now I am confident in all my dresses. Recently I purchased two more pairs in nude for summer- one to flatten the belly and smooth the hips and the other to smooth, flatten AND lift the tush.  I wear them to work, bring them with me when I travel and they are a must for certain evening events.   I wish I had tried these ages ago- what a confidence builder!!!


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