The Toiletry Bag is Always Ready

I have something to share with you.

I was asked recently for a few of my best travel tips by a co-worker who is new to traveling for business.  I have quite a few but this one is probably the easiest one to follow and can benefit you traveling for business and personal.  Always keep your toiletry bag packed and stocked.  

imageI have TSA Pre✓® so I do not have to take my toiletries out for security but they are in a clear case, close to the size of a quart size plastic bag.  Before any trip, I simply grab it and toss it right into my suitcase.  When I return home, I make sure it is re-stocked as I unpack before it goes back in my bathroom cabinet.  And I make sure that the items I buy are either short and wide or tall and slim so they stack easily in the case.

It’s easy to remember eye glasses, deodorant and my Clarisonic, so what do I always have packed in my clear bag?

My makeup, razor, toothbrush, floss, q-tips, and WOW stay packed in a bag I use daily so that can be zipped and packed quickly the morning of my flight!


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