The Washer doesn’t WASH itself

I have something to share with you.

Actually, something to ask you.

How often do you deep clean your washing machine?  Three choices:

  • I thought the clean washer cycle was the deep clean
  • I have someone who cleans for me
  • Who has time to do that?  I struggle to get laundry done as is.

I admit, I really thought the clean washer cycle on the washer washed the machine(it does say use bleach).  I have a front loading washing machine and after what felt like the hundredth time of finding hair rubber bands and coins in the rubber gasket, I pulled it wide open and looked inside.  GROSS!   Really Gross.  How could that be?  I have someone that helps with laundry, I leave the door open after the load to air it out, I wipe it dry AND I use the clean washer cycle. This machine needed a “deep” clean ASAP.  So I did what I always do….

I googled and searched how to clean a font loading washing machine and found a link to a great article on the website Clean & Scentsible...and yes, it is now saved on my “cleaning tips” board on Pinterest.

So last night I grabbed my bleach and my vinegar and old rags and got to work.  When I was done, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment…..So for all you Type-A personalities like me who will be doing a quick check of their washer tonight, click the image below to get started!



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