The “No Thank You” Bite

I have something to share with you.

I learned about the “No Thank You Bite” months before my daughter ever tried solid foods(the benefit of having friends with older kids!).  Then my pediatrician asked how her eating was at her 2 year appointment and mentioned the “No Thank You Bite” to me.  I was excited to tell him we knew all about it. But I was recently vacationing with a cousin who has a 2 1/2 year old son and at lunch he didn’t want to try mac and cheese.  I suggested a “No Thank You Bite” and a puzzled look appeared on her face.

We have been doing the “No Thank You Bite” for years. If there is a food my daughter has never tried(doesn’t matter if it is salmon or s’mores), she has to take a “No Thank You Bite”. After she tries it she can ask for more or say “No Thank You”.   The goal has always been to try new foods and this way my daughter gets to “control” what she is eating with me really being in control. The catch is she has to retry foods every 6-12 months even if she has tried it once. And it’s been a success.


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