On the Road Eats: Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck

I have something to share with you.

It’s a Sunday afternoon, I am running errands and realize I never ate lunch.  I look at the window and two food trucks.  Really? The food truck from Shark Tank?  I didn’t know they were in Dallas.  Cool!

Cousins Main Lobster Food Truck
image image
I asked someone inside and they said they tried it last week.  They said they skimped on the lobster.  Hmm…do I bother?  The other option is an ice cream truck and I would hate to admit at dinner that all I had for lunch was ice cream.  So, I check out the menu an try the lobster roll, Connecticut style(warm with butter and lemon) since I love lobster and was very curious.  The good news, they did not skimp on the lobster but for $15, I was still hungry.  Would I have it again?  Yes, but I would need something else with it (maybe a cup of chowder or bisque) or a nearby dessert truck.


Click here to find their location in Dallas and other cities.

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