The Crease looks bad….ISO Eyelid Primer

I have something to share with you. 
imageI found these great new eyeshadow/eyeliner pencils from Laura Mercier. They come in great colors like gold, sapphire and khaki and they’re super easy to use.  I also have the chubby sticks from Clinique for eyes and lips, again super easy to use. But what happens is my liner moves to the top of my eye by mid-day and looks absolutely terrible.  It’s almost as if I drew a line above the crease. Could it be my inability to use makeup like a professional OR I just need to use something to set my eye makeup?  I’m going to go with the latter.

Someone mentioned I should use an eye primer so off to Target I went.  After three tries with different brands and no success, I ask you- can you recommend a good primer, one good for someone who wears contact lenses?


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