The Purity Cleanse

I have something to share with you.

I was chatting with a friend who reads this blog and she said share more product info so JR…this is for you.  One of my first posts was about QVC…not a channel I had ever watched but will now turn on if they are featuring a beauty segment.  I know, kind of strange that I prefer that over The Good Wife or even The Real Housewives but I find it educational.  I first learned of philosphy beauty products when my daughter turned on QVC.   During that show I found purity made simple.


See, I wear contacts and happened to be looking for a face wash that was sensitive to the eyes but strong enough to remove shadow, liner and mascara.  Plus I did not want to have to buy two products since that means more small bottles to pack.  I decided to try it and bought a 3 oz bottle from Sephora.  It’s a cleanser that is gentle enough for both my face and eyes and a little goes a long way.  After finishing the small bottle and liking how it cleansed my skin, I bought the 8 oz at Nordstrom and filled the small one for the road.  A few months later, I saw a whole hour of philosophy on QVC and they had a “special buy”.  Two 32 oz. bottles for only $75 (great deal! – one bottle would cost me $52 on the philosophy website or  It came with two pumps and made it super easy to transfer to the smaller bottles for travel and nighttime(to use with my Clarisonic).  For those interested, they also make Facial Cleansing Cloths that would be great for travel, cleansing gel, cleansing oil and a mask.

Share with me…what are your favorite philosophy products or your favorite products for cleansing?


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