In Her Opinion: Ready for a Bike Ride?

stswy-momicon“Ready for a Bike Ride?”
by a Dallas Mom(Married with two kids, ages 6 and 3)

“Are you kidding me?”  Yep, that was my husband’s response when I first suggested we hire someone to teach our 6 1/2 year old son to ride a bike.  At first, I thought he was opposed to the idea because of the cost (I admit that $170 for three lessons is not cheap).  I soon came to learn that it wasn’t the cost necessarily (although he still balked at the price) but, rather, my husband felt I was depriving him of one of his “jobs” as a father.  After all, isn’t a father supposed to be the one to teach his son to ride a bike?

Now, by way of background, I have what I think is the most adorable, smart and savvy 6 1/2 year old boy.  But, he’s also very sensitive, cautious and can be fearful of new things at times.  If he could stay on a tricycle for the rest of his life, I’m sure he’d give it serious thought!  While I appreciate that I may have been depriving my husband of something that’s on the manhood list of things to do in life, I did worry if our patience as parents would withstand trying to teach our son how to ride a bike.  This is where the idea to hire someone else — someone that we were told was “the most patient person in the world” — came in.

Well, it turns out that, after only 2 lessons (with our last one scheduled for this evening), my husband and I have a new friend…Daniela!  Daniela (who I affectionately refer to at times as the ‘Bike Whisperer’) is the amazing lady that has taught our son how to ride a bike in what I think is record time.  On Tuesday evening, behind a school in University Park, my husband and son met Daniela for our first lesson.  At the start of the lesson, Daniela removed the bike pedals so our son’s bike was left with nothing but the two wheels.  It wasn’t long before he was coasting for 22 seconds!  By the end of the first lesson, Noah not only had “earned” his pedals back but he was already starting to get comfortable with trying to pedal. More importantly, though, he was enjoying it and felt confident.

IMG_1675By last night, after his second lesson, the kid was riding around in circles!  He looked like a seasoned bike rider!  Most importantly, though, his confidence level was through the roof and he was genuinely so proud of himself and excited that he could ride.  Tonight, he learns the rules of the road and will get comfortable riding on the sidewalk and in a neighborhood.

For those of you that are still reading this, you are probably still saying to yourself “how ridiculous that she paid someone to teach her son how to ride a bike!”  Yes, I understand that many don’t get it and might never get it; however, if you worry about your incredibly sensitive and cautious child like I do and worry that one bad experience or nasty fall may result in your child never wanting to even look at a bike again, then I suggest you seriously consider calling my new friend.  Daniela’s goal (as she states it) is not only to teach your child to ride a bike, but also to teach them that hard work pays off and to make them feel good about themselves and help them gain a sense of confidence and independence.  So, if you’re interested in saving yourself some sanity and want to meet my new friend, check out her info below.  Now, off to meet up with our new friend for our last lesson!

Thanks to the Dallas Mom of two who sent in this great “In Your Opinion” recommendation.  Below is the information to reach Glide2Ride.

Dallas Spotlight:
glide2rideGlide2Ride Bike Lessons
Phone:  214-683-1154
Please let Daniela know you found out about her from the blog “Something To Share With You”.


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