Are you global?

I have something to share with you!

globalI travel a lot for work.  A majority of my trips are overnights and that makes it easier for everyone in the family.  I take the first flight out and one of the later flights home the next day.  What is the best part of my travels, taking restaurants out of the running?  TSA pre-check.  I get through security in a matter of minutes AND everything stays in my bag.  No undressing, unpacking, redressing and re-packing.  If I wear heels, that may be the only thing that I take off.  After a few years of this convenience and being able to bring my daughter through Pre-check, I “recommended” my husband get it too.  So we took it one step further- we both signed up for Global Entry.  My fee was comped with my corporate Amex Platinum card so we only had to pay for my husband and my daughter. Worth it?  YES.  Now when we travel as a family, domestic or international, we can get through security quickly.  Plus, being in Dallas, Mexico is a quick trip and we all know how long the line is at Customs to get back into the states, especially with kids!



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