iPhone selfie tip!

I have something to share with you.

I recently updated my phone and noticed a new app called Tips.  Have you seen it?

imageI got curious, opened the app and learned about a selfie timer. What?  Yes, a way to take a selfie without the frustration of moving your hand out of the way and pushing the button easily.  Now, let me put this out there.  I take selfies on very few occasions…if I am out with my daughter, family or friends and want to capture a special time or if I am on the road in an interesting city with a cool backdrop.  Wow…this makes it so much easier than stretching your arm and still getting part of it in the pic!  How does it work?  It counts(see the off, 3s and 10s clocks at the top of the pic, select one, push the white button and get ready to smile!)  Spend a few minutes with this app if you have an iPhone.  Worth it!



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