Frizz no more…..REALLY!

I have something to share with you.

I love my hair(after I get it blown out at a salon).   Like many I buy too much product that doesn’t work (I throw away a lot of money).  And yes, I vent to my stylist about how hard it is to control my frizz and “wave” after I leave their chair(they recommend more “new” products to try).  But the cycle just ended!  WHAT?  Ended. HOW???

I started seeing someone new, a new stylist that is.  We talked hair health(kind of healthy but super coarse and very unruly-wonderful), style and maintenance level(not much too it, must be low maintenance) and of course, product(not much works but it could definitely be my lack of skills with a hairdryer).  And after my second visit, he had me try two samples size product that helped with heat protection and shine.  But the frizz and my in-home blow drying sessions still caused MUCH frustration.  See, my very coarse hair pretty much does what it wants which is why it is in a ponytail majority of the day.  But then he made an introduction- Meet Kerastase Discipline Spray Fluidissime.

 DisciplineAnd honestly, I thought, great, another product, and this one is over $40 for the bottle, no sample size available.  But, I had to share – this stuff works.  REALLY.  I do use it generously and it is expensive but it does what it says, it disciplines my hair.  Finally. I was so excited about this product that I invested in a new brush(he made a recommendation) and a new dryer(both were in desperate need of being replaced anyway).  Now I can finally leave the house feeling like my hair looks pretty good, not salon good, but ME-good!!!  The next investment will be a .99 cent mini spray bottle so I can take this with me on the road!!!

*In Dallas?  Ask for Mark at Clive & Co and he can steer you in the right direction!



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