ISO – fabulous eye cream

I have something to share with you. 

eyecreamI am in search of the perfect eye cream.  I need something for firmness(getting some bags), dark circles(5 hours of sleep is a luxury), wrinkles(yup, those too) and overall anti-aging(yes, I am now 40).   If you have read any of my other Beauty posts, you know I have been on the search during the past year for a new moisturizer and night cream, a gentle face wash, anti-aging treatments and whether the Clarisonic was as special as I hear.

So, do I go to beauty store like Sephora or Ulta or do I head to Nordstroms, Macy’s or a local department store beauty counter and ask for “advice” there?  What eye cream do you use?

I decided to ask some friends those questions…..some like the beauty store route because the team works with all the product lines and don’t normally push one specific line, they offer a frequent shopper program, and you can always find them all over the country for a just in case moment.  Others liked the department store route since they could accomplish more than just shopping for beauty products(think clothes, shoes and kid stuff) and once they found a line or three that they loved, they had a relationship with a knowledgeable sales person that could help them with purchases and let them know about upcoming special deals.  The most interesting answer…many of them don’t use eye cream at all.

So please help.  Leave a comment for me on your favorite eye cream and let me know where you shop!



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