Noodles in the bed??

I have something to share with you.

When my daughter asked to sleep in a bed, we converted her crib to a toddler bed.  The challenge as most parents know is she wanted me to lay down with her at night and during bad dreams but I didn’t really fit.  I would wake up with back pain, neck pain and absolutely exhausted.  When she asked to convert her toddler bed to a true big girl bed, I was absolutely thrilled.  No more nights trying to curl up in a bed way too small for me and we could go out and buy a full size mattress, all new bedding and let her add her own personal touch!

bumperBut I needed to make sure she would not roll out of the bed.  I didn’t want a plastic or mesh guard or gates for her bed so I Googled till I found a great option.  Put a noodle in their bed!

No, we are not talking pasta.  Buy a noodle that you would use at the pool, cover with the fitted sheet in the bed and Voilà, you have a “bumper” to keep your child in their bed.  They are soft, inexpensive and travel well!  And when you don’t need it for the kids anymore, re-purpose it by using it as a boot shaper!

2 thoughts on “Noodles in the bed??

  1. My mother in law did this at her house.. She cut them in half (long ways) and they aren’t so bulky.. Such a great idea! And it really works…


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