Remember to Celebrate You!

I have something to share with you.

40th-happy-birthday-cakeI turned 40 last week. And just to get it out of the way, let me answer the questions – No, it doesn’t feel different, It’s not scary, I feel great, no, I don’t feel old, I’m not moving slower due to age, it’s lack of sleep.

I was super excited to turn 40 but was not sure how I would celebrate the occasion. After all, when was the last time I planned something for just me?  I plan parties for my daughter, my husband, the holidays and sometimes for friends. But for my 40th, there was no plan. Dinner with the family, nope – wait, we have open house that night at school, so quick dinner out with the family, cards in the morning, maybe lunch with coworkers?

And then my husband surprised me with a trip away for the weekend.  Just the two of us. No schedule, no plan, just a weekend of whatever we wanted to do.  Now, I will admit it was hard to pack since the location was A SURPRISE.  But he did a smart thing(go honey!!)…he called one of my girlfriends, told her where we were going and she helped me pack. Now I was ready to go!

I have never been to New Orleans(crazy with all the work travel I do), and this weekend was for us to do anything and everything.  Wait – no schedule, no rushing from place to place, no making sure everything was kid-friendly????  I could just eat and explore, maybe shop, maybe even sleep in?  We only had one reservation so other than that, there was no plan.  Wow – this would be weird BUT wonderful!  I had one request…..I wanted to blow out a candle for my birthday so I could celebrate my birthday like my daughter celebrates hers(after all, you only turn 40 once and it is a big one)!  And I got a surprise even better than that!!!

IMG_0604Saturday night we went to Galatoire’s, a New Orleans institution on Bourbon street and after the meal, I had the most wonderful 60 second experience!  The waiter came out and asked the entire restaurant to join him in song to celebrate my birthday.  THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME – and I got to blow out a candle with the amazingly delicious bread pudding I ordered for dessert.

This post is a gentle but important reminder – Celebrate You.  Whether it is a 60 second experience or an entire weekend of doing all the things you like to do, Celebrate You……we are worth it!!!



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