My Favorite Things: Bliss Body Butter

I have something to share with you.

Bliss-Body-ButterThe winter is almost over(thank goodness) and I cannot wait for the warmer weather(3 snow days in Dallas – really??).  I still have to travel north for my job so keeping my skin moisturized is super important.  I posted how much I love the Bliss soap’n scrub.  Well, during the holidays, the Today Show ran a special on Bliss body butter and I figured, what the heck?  So I bought it, gave a couple away as presents and kept the rest for myself.  My Favorite?  The Vanilla and Bergamot Body butter.  It keeps your skin so soft and hydrated plus it comes in numerous scents so everyone can find the one they love!  I would even bet you that you could find it at your local Nordstrom Rack at a great price!!



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