On the Road Eats: Chicago

I have something to share with you.

Another flight to O’Hare and soon I am downtown, ready to have the most fabulous lunch.  Thanks to the Chowhound folks who gave me a bunch of great recommendations.

WOW!  Wonderful!  Awesome!  Fantastic….should I go on?  Three course lunch, $26, all fantastic options. I started with the risotto with fennel and spinach, then the braised pork shank with grits and finished with the most divine dessert that I still have dreams about, “gateau basque” custard cake with brown butter ice cream. I left this restaurant very happy and YES, they take reservations! I cannot wait to eat here again.

image image image

Osteria La Madia
I met a friend in River North for dinner.  Somewhere casual was the plan and she suggested Osteria La Madia.  We decided to share a salad, a pizza and a pasta. The little gem salad with pancetta and mustard dressing was great, the pizza had organic egg and prosciutto(like a breakfast pizza) and the nudi(pasta) was simple.  Enjoyable meal, fabulous company but next time, no eggs on the pizza for me!

IMG_0226 IMG_0228 IMG_0229

What do you do when you have thirty minutes to grab lunch before you have to catch a cab to the airport and the place you wanted to go has a 20 minute wait? You find the closest place to grab some tacos and a cold beverage(for me it was water since I was working).   Over in the West Loop near Little Goat is HelloTacos.  Tacos, tortas and tamales, it fit the need and the price point was excellent.  I will admit the tamale was not the best but I enjoyed the guacamole and the battered shrimp taco.  Plus, I was in and out in 20 minutes- PERFECT.  Time to go home!

IMG_0233 IMG_0237


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