On the Road Eats: Dallas

I have something to share with you.

The experience started out rough. I was dining alone, there were no seats at the bar, and no WiFi. Let me repeat- no WiFi for someone dining alone is the worst. You have to make sure you have synced your kindle app or have the latest version of USA Today or The NY Times to read. Or you have to play games through dinner.

But the manager helped me get a seat and after the crowds slowed my bartender was most helpful. She made lots of recommendations and I decide to go with the deviled eggs with bacon jam, the chicken pot pie and a side of Brussels sprouts.  I sat with my iPad playing solitaire and listening to Neil Diamond before dinner was served(they do play good music).

The deviled eggs- a bit heavy on the yolk but the bacon jam brought a great sweetness. A good start to the meal.

Next was the Chicken Fricassee Pot Pie. Very good, not too heavy and great flavors. I skipped the side salad with it and enjoyed the Brussels sprouts, a little pepper mixed with sweet. I think my husband may need to try these!

IMG_0020IMG_0023 IMG_0024

Take this advice: find a date or bring a MiFi and come eat at Neighborhood Services in Addison.


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