My Daughter and the Barefoot Contessa

I have something to share with you.

Last week we had two “snow” days in Dallas – and when I say snow, I don’t mean to insult those in the North.  But for us, they shut down schools and told us to stay off the roads. My daughter decided Barefoot Contessa on Food TV was a very exciting way to spend part of the first afternoon(as did I) and Ina taught us how to make an Ice Cream Bomb.  So of course, when school was closed for the second day, we got creative.

I immediately remembered the homemade strawberry frozen yogurt recipe I saved on Pinterest so I grabbed out my Ninja, frozen strawberries(a must have to make smoothies in the AM) and a few other ingredients.

We looked through the freezer and decided to use Lemon Frozen Yogurt and Vanilla Ice Cream(both Jeni’s) to make the center of the “bomb”.  Next time, we will use different colors as the lemon and vanilla look the same.

So, if you are looking for a new idea for a lazy afternoon, and want a fun dessert for dinner, try this!  Hopefully yours comes out better than ours did.

Step 1:  Freeze your large bowl, get all of your ingredients and let the ice creams soften before using.(We made our strawberry frozen yogurt so this was step 1 for us.)
Step 2:  Fill the large bowl with your first flavor and insert the medium bowl to shape the dome(be careful to leave ice cream/yogurt at the bottom-see pic below since I messed up!) Freeze.
image imageimage

Step 3:  Remove the medium bowl once the first layer is frozen, fill with the next flavor, cover with the smallest bowl and freeze.
Step 4:  Remove the small bowl once the second layer is frozen, fill with the next flavor, smooth the top and freeze.


Step 5:  Using a knife, separate the outer layer from the bowl(you can also run hot water over the sides to loosen it).  Then invert onto a plate.

This is a great recipe because you spend 20 minutes doing and 45 minutes or so waiting for the freeze so there is plenty of time to do other activities and cooking doesn’t get boring!  During the breaks, we did Lego Friends, Leapfrog reading and cleaned up the playroom!

image image image

And the result, my “bomb” bombed– it looked messy and the center didn’t freeze enough(maybe it was the fact I used frozen yogurt instead of all ice cream) BUT, it tasted good!

My next “snow” day dessert is going to be an Ice Cream Sandwich cake….looks even easier and then I can invite over some friends in the neighborhood so everyone can enjoy!!



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