Did you share your wishlist?

I have something to share with you.

Nordstrom WishlistIn our house, I found an easy way to make sure my husband knows what to buy me for the important holidays(you know birthdays, Hanukkah, a random Friday)…I have a Nordstrom wishlist. And all he has to do is go to one store or online to find me the perfect gift.

Please tell me you know about this…..find an item you like, add it to your wishlist and you are done. The only big decision you need to make is if you want to keep your wishlist private and give your spouse/partner access to your account(meaning login info) or make your wishlist public(so anyone can find it and buy something for you).

My friend recently shared with me a blog she follows called Sheaffer Told me To.  It was started by Sheaffer, a Dallas mom, who posts pictures and reviews of clothes, shoes, jewelry, you name it.  Plus she spends A LOT of time at Nordstrom, so I can see what is new, what is on sale, and she includes links to other mom blogs. (Another good one – Check out “Mix and Match Mama” – Shay posts some great recipes!) Anyway, since I shop at Nordstrom more than I should, this was a great find for me.

How much easier can it really be to get the perfect gift?

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