Creative Birthday Party Favors

I have something to share with you.

It is stressful enough to plan my daughter’s birthday party.  Yes, picking the theme is easy but when it comes time to put the guest list together and find a place, I stress.  Did I forget anyone?  Will the kids have fun?  Will parents stay or drop off?  What should I serve?  Do I need food for the parents?  And of course, the party favor.  I admit it.  I am not artistic in any sense of the word. Am I creative?  Maybe a little bit.  And when I say just a little, I mean, JUST A LITTLE.

So I thought I would post and ask you……what have been the best party favors either given or received?

I am sharing the ones I have given over the past six years and hoping you can share some new ideas with me!


Age Six:  Handmade Initial Bracelets for each girl and a hand-painted tote bag they made at the party
Age Five:  Birthday CD with kid friendly music(think of a mix tape in CD format with princess songs, the Wiggles, Free to Be You and Me)
Age Four:  Mr. Men and Little Miss Books
Age Three:  Coloring Books and Crayons in a special crayon holder
Age Two:  Art Party(each child took home a canvas painted by them)
Age One:  Circular confetti colored crayons


I know there are SOOOOO many creative moms out there….please, Share your thoughts with me!

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