Do you collect these too?

I have something to share with you.

Looking for a great way to save money?  Because I collect these.  They save me anywhere from $5 -20% off purchases and I just keep them in a folder in my car.  I get them in the mail, I find them in magazines…they are EVERYWHERE.  It doesn’t matter if I am buying a new set of sheets, towels, beauty products or picture frames, they will work. And the date is a non-issue since I have never had a problem using an expired coupon. Have you figured it out yet?

Bed Bath and Beyond is one of my go-to places.  I can get new towels, beauty products from the Harmon’s section,  a new clock radio to use with my iPhone and even purchase gifts from their wedding registry section.  You can use one or more coupons for your purchase and the one below is the best one to find – 20% off your entire purchase! So stay organized by keeping a folder in your car and start saving!


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