You saw my name in the rental car?

I have something to share with you.
I rent a lot of cars.  I think last year I rented over 25 cars in over 10 different cities.  (Yes, I travel TOO much)  And when I get a car that has USB access, I plug-in to make life easier.  I can charge my phone, listen to my “friendly” navigation app tell me where to go, choose my personalized playlist and call people hands-free.

But when I turn on the car and go to set up my phone, I ALWAYS see the names of those that rented before me.  Mike’s Phone, SJCooperPhone, Dadcell.  It may just show their first name, the name of their phone or their full name.  And for whatever reason, the rental companies do not erase or delete the phone settings from the car during their “cleaning” process.  I, on the other hand, have added this to my routine when I turn in the car.  After I fill up with gas, I take a picture of my receipt for my expense report and then I delete my phone from the car.

2009_lincoln_mks_day_btiphone_uncropped_1400I am always concerned that others can access my information from the car from the sync so I make sure to remove my phone from the list to clear the recent calls, saved numbers, and other data from the car. Besides, I would hate if someone I knew ever said – “Hey, I saw your name in my rental car!



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