Mom’s Book Club

I have something to share with you.

My husband loves to read before bed.  I am the opposite.  Put on any food show, home show or almost any Bravo show and I can settle in and fall asleep.  Do I wish I read more? Of course….I even won a Kindle at my sales conference a few years back and absolutely love it but only use it when I travel.

What were the last 5 books I read?  Well, I am a huge James Patterson fan.  I love the Alex Cross books, the NYPD series and the newer Private characters.  But for my recent vacation, I wanted a “fun, mindless, lay by the pool and relax” kind of book so I looked at the NY Times Best Seller list on




Liane Moriarty.  Get to know her.  She has two #1 New York Times bestsellers, The Husband’s Secret and Big Little Lies.



So, during my vacation, I downloaded them to my Kindle and read both of them.  Big Little Lies(think murder mystery meet elementary school parent drama) and The Husband’s Secret(think karma bites you hard for a family secret) kept my attention for days.  I could not wait to finish the books and download a new one to read.  I just started What Alice Forgot(imagine losing ten years of your memory and wake up to find out……well- go read it)!  Finally, my husband can fall asleep with a good book and me by his side!

Have any other recommendations for me?



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