My Favorite Things- Ann Taylor Denim

I have something to share with you.

A great pair of jeans can be hard to find. I have a few “my tush looks great and my legs look slim” jeans that are great for date night.  I have my “super comfortable, baggy but not sexy” jeans that I can wear to a kiddo soccer game or to the food store.  And I have a pair that are perfect for knee-high boots or my favorite flats.  And most of them cost over $150/pair. Why can’t I just find a super comfortable, stretchy but not baggy jean that will work with all my shoes and for both work and life?  Well, I found them and didn’t have to spend a fortune.

anntaylorjeanAnn Taylor has some great denim and I bought two pairs, one skinny and one boot cut, both the modern cut.  No altering needed, they have the right amount of stretch AND they are a darker jean so they work with everything.  My skinnies fit perfect with flats or my knee-high or mid-calf boots and the boot cut fit great with my lower boots and other shoes(even sneakers).  They go with me on vacation, on business trips and if I do need another pair, I would be happy to spend the money(under $100 and on sale all the time).  Three other women in my office have already bought them – I think we have a winner!



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