Sensitive to Sounds? Read The Noisy Airplane Book

I have something to share with you.

I was recently in Houston for business and was dining alone.  I sat next to a group of younger than me, newer parents and couldn’t help but listen.  Parts of their discussion brought a smile to my face as I remember having the same conversations with my friends as a new parent.  One of the topics was the challenge of flying with their little ones over the holidays.  But it wasn’t only the potty situation, it was the fear that her child would be scared of the plane and all the noises.

noisyairplaneI remember that phase – my daughter was very aware of noises, hated hand dryers,  blow dryers and automatic toilet flushes.  Before a flight, I bought her The Noisy Airplane Book by David Gordon.  When we read together, we made the noises(very fun as an adult) and explained, with help from the book, what all the sounds were and how they helped fly the plane. Definitely a must read if you are concerned about your next flight!

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