The Antiquated Address Book

I have something to share with you.

It’s holiday time which means family, lots of food and holiday cards.  image_rolodex1I had a good laugh recently when one of my most “has-it-together” girlfriends told me she has her addresses in numerous spots – in her email, in a paper address book and a few scribbled down in other places.  I was SHOCKED!  I shared with her how I updated all of my contacts last year when I bought my new computer.  I keep all my addresses online tied to my Gmail account so all I have to do is select the group of people who will receive a card, export the list to a CSV file and now I am ready to merge with my mailing label template. The last step? Beg my husband to help me label, stamp and seal the envelopes!

Her reply – it will take forever to get all the addresses online.  She is absolutely correct IF she was going to type them all. So what is the easiest way for her to get the addresses into an online account? Well, the quickest way is if you already have everyone’s email address, send out a bulk email asking everyone to send their most updated contact information back to you so you may update your address book.  Then when they respond, use your mobile device to simply click the info and choose save to new or existing contact. Now you have all the contact information online without having to do all of the typing! So next year when you need to send holiday cards, birthday party invites or happen to stop by someone’s home for a special visit, you have their address easily accessible and even navigation ready!

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