Rain = Organize

I have something to share with you.

It was a rainy day in Dallas on Sunday and my husband was home sick.  My five year old suggested two activities…..play board games(great idea!) or watch tv all afternoon(not my favorite idea).  I also had a huge to-do list – wrap presents, do laundry, clean up the toy area(wait – that should be her job!) and then I came up with my own great idea.

Time to teach my daughter about the exciting world of ORGANIZATION!

We have toys(everywhere), books in every room, crayons scattered about her play area and we haven’t even mentioned the legos, loom rubber bands and perler beads that I find through the house.

A quick trip to one of my favorite places(you will read about that soon) and now both me and my daughter were smiling!

image imageimage

First task was to organize the Legos.  Lego Friends are one of our favorite toys and we have 5 or 6 different “projects”.  We sorted the pieces based on the instruction book, and then used our new purchase to organize each one.  Now when we want to play, we just need to grab a colored bin and we have the instruction book and all the pieces we need!

The second task was those rubber bands for the Rainbow Loom.  I find them in my closet, her bedroom, the office…..they are everywhere.  With this great storage case, we can fit the loom, the directions and all of our rubber bands(sorted by color of course) and the plastic connectors in one place.  Plus, she can grab the handle and bring it anywhere!

image image

I’ll be headed back to my favorite spot soon…..I wonder what the next project is!

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