A Gift for Friends and Family from Kids

I have something to share with you.

My daughter “hosted” a tea party at a local hotel recently for three of her friends.  No, she didn’t pay for it and yes, all the moms were invited.  She wanted to give her girlfriends a keepsake to remember this special day so we headed to Michael’s.


We decided the best way to “help” her friends to remember the day was to make them each a picture frame. All we needed were plain white picture frames, wood glue, sharpie markers and a bunch of fun “decorations” to glue on the frame.  At the end of the party, each girl would have a handmade frame and they could pass the frames around for all to sign.  I acted as photographer and we sent the photos out via Shutterfly for the moms to save and print.

Not only was it an easy project that she and I could do together, but it was an inexpensive idea and a great gift the girls could keep in their rooms to remember a very fun day with friends!

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