What’s your Wine IQ?

I have something to share with you.

A wine connoisseur I am NOT.  I don’t really drink it too often and I certainly don’t know a lot about it.  (Now is probably a good time to change that!)  I’ll have a glass at dinner if I am on a date with my husband or out with friends.  If I want a glass of Pinot Noir, there are usually two choices on the menu by the glass.  Same with a Sauvignon Blanc.  But when I need to buy a bottle of wine for a dinner or order wine when dining with friends or clients, I struggle.

Let me introduce to you to two wine apps – Hello Vino and Vivino Wine Scanner.

Hello Vino
It’s an app that serves as your wine assistant. You can select wines to go with a certain type of food, wines by type or you can type in a wine from a menu and read about it. Plus you can keep track of your favorite wines.

hellovino3 hellovino1 hellovino2

Vivino Wine Scanner
This app also allows you keep a personal wine profile and snap a photo of the label but it has a social media function to read reviews from others on each wine.  And it gives you the option to pull up a local restaurant and see a full or partial wine list.

vivino2 vivino3 vivino4

I know the folks at the local wine shop are helpful but these are my go-to apps when I am on my own!



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