On the Road Eats: Omaha

I have something to share with you.

I have only been to Omaha a few times and unfortunately they always seem to be quick trips.  I have one fantastic client there and met them for lunch this week before our scheduled meeting.

Pig & Finch Omaha


I was trying to find a great spot to eat near their office and I read about Pig & Finch.  It was on OpenTable and I read that there was only one other location and that was in Kansas.  Pig & Finch is a gastropub and the food was delicious and interesting at the same time.  One of my guests ordered the flatbread on special that day, the other a lamb burger.  Both looked delicious.  I opted for a heavy option – Short Rib Mac & Cheese with a side salad(with grilled vegetables and lots of other great stuff) and a side of brussel sprouts sautéed with apples, red onion and bacon.  It was an upscale, casual spot that would be great for client lunches or a date night!  The 801 Restaurant Group has a bunch of steakhouses in some of the other cities I frequent.  Looks like I may have a spot to try next time I visit St. Louis or Kansas City!


I have tried Grey Plume for happy hour and Mahogany Prime for dinner while in town for previous visits and remember enjoying both meals there.

Do you have a favorite spot I should try?


One thought on “On the Road Eats: Omaha

  1. I agree with your review; P&G offers a an interesting and very tasty menu. Two of my favorites are the Harvest Cafe in West O and Jams (78th & Dodge)


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