Rainbow Dinner – Challenge #7

I have something to share with you.

Pink, blue and white. The 7th week of Rainbow Dinner and certain colors are becoming much harder to cook with for dinner.

What is Rainbow Dinner? Every Monday I cook a meal that has three colors from the rainbow that my daughter chooses for me. The goal? Introduce new foods to my five-year old in the hope that she will start enjoying some new foods.

White is usually easy – so many choices.  Potatoes, cauliflower, pasta, many options.  Pink, a bit harder.  I used food coloring on the pasta the first week, had shrimp for my pink for week 4 and now I had to come up with something new.  I wanted to serve a salad for dinner and make it on the lighter side.  What could I top it with?  Pink fruits…….?????  She likes strawberries and raspberries so that won’t work. Pomegranate seeds…PERFECT.  They are small and fun and definitely something new.  Now onto blue – the absolute hardest color to find for food.  Other than blue potatoes and blueberries, I am stuck.  But wait, she likes blueberries but maybe I can find a food she has never had that has blueberries in it.  I’m thinking, I’m thinking……..I walk up and down the aisles of the food store and it clicks.  Blueberry Blintzes.  Personally, not my favorite but a new food.  And it is blue on the inside and white on the outside.  And I can always serve some grilled chicken for my white if I “brown” the blintz too much.


Well, the pink was a hit.  From her reaction, pomegranate seeds are a winner and she ate the entire salad.  The blintzes – won’t be serving them again but she did try them.  And since I am not a fan, I guess I cannot blame her for not liking them.  BUT she did try them and that is the goal.

I think I need to figure out how to exclude blue from the rainbow…..

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