On the Road Eats: San Antonio

I have something to share with you.

I have been to San Antonio quite a few times, mostly for work but once for vacation (easy trip to visit Sea World!).  I usually check out Texas Monthly and the San Antonio magazines for recommendations on restaurants along with Chowhound.  Prior to this trip, a client sent me a list of recommendations from a “foodie” friend of hers.  I was only there for one night and unfortunately never made it out for dinner.  But, below are two great spots for breakfast and lunch!

Magnolia Pancake Haus

I was a bit concerned that this restaurant would be like an IHOP or chain breakfast spot but I was pleasantly surprised.  I asked the server about a few things on the menu and she shared with me a few reasons why this was a “different” kind of breakfast place – they cure from scratch Black Angus brisket for the Corned Beef Hash, use unbleached and untreated flour in the Buttermilk pancakes, and make the Magnolia Pancake Syrup from pure cane sugar.  I decided since I skipped dinner the night before that this was a great time to splurge on calories and try a bunch of items.  I chose the Corned Beef Hash – house made corned beef mixed with fresh shredded spuds, onion and a hint of garlic, topped with two egg whites.  Also ordered a couple buttermilk pancakes and some bacon. Yes, I was hungry but I wanted to try it all!  And what I now know is I will be back for breakfast the next time I am in town if my hotel is close by!

imageCorned Beef Hash with Pancakes

Hot Joy
Earlier this year, Bon Appétit magazine named Hot Joy No. 7 in the country.  I was downtown for meetings so it was a five minute drive and well worth it.  I had read about the crab fat caramel chicken wings and even though chicken wings are normally not on the list for lunch, I decided that I must try them.  Besides, I was not dining with a client so it was ok to get messy just this once.  Along with the wings, I ordered a side of rice as I read the sauce was fabulous.  Well worth it? YES!  A bit messy?  YES!  Hoping I can go back next time for dinner and try some of the other fabulous items on the menu!



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