My Favorite Things – ExfoliKate

I have something to share with you.

It’s something I really look forward to.  And it’s superfast.  Just me, five minutes and I go to bed feeling relaxed.  What am I talking about….Spa Night in my house.

exk_carton_tubeI have been a lot more focused on skincare since I am close to 40 (and I will admit, I am starting to get excited about turning 40!)  ExfoliKate is one of my new favorite products. Wash your face, then apply Exfolikate for up to two minutes and wash off.  That easy.  It makes my skin glow and it’s like I just had a thirty minute treatment that I didn’t have to pay a ton of money for.  If you are not familiar with Kate Somerville, she has this great line of products that I have been “experimenting” with over the past few months.  In select locations of Nordstrom, you can visit the Kate Somerville beauty counter and get a complimentary DermalQuench treatment in store if you purchase your products from them.

That’s one of my favorite things…what are yours?



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