Rainbow Dinner- Challenge #3

I have something to share with you.

The third week of Rainbow Dinner. Green, black and white….thinking this is going to be easy. The challenge?  Cook a meal with three colors that my five-year old daughter chooses. She gets one food choice that I cannot cook with. The Goal?  Get her to try new foods regardless of the outcome.  This week the colors are white, black and green.  Check out challenges one and two to see how I did!

White– chicken, potatoes, rice, cheese, so many choices.  I can play this one safe.  
Green – numerous options, just walk into the food store and choose from broccoli, green beans, asparagus, wait– Brussels sprouts. One of my favorites – she has never had brussel sprouts.  I can always eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
Black– the one thing that comes to mind is squid ink pasta – now I am getting a bit crazy.  Black beans. Much easier, and since we live in Texas, they are always available at any Mexican restaurant if she likes them.

The plan – create a rainbow out of white rice and black beans. Use the Brussels sprouts as clouds. Cut the chicken in the shape of a “B” for her name.  If nothing else, she will think it is pretty!


The results: A huge smile when she saw the plate.  She loved the chicken, loved the rice, no luck with the black beans or the Brussels sprouts. BUT she tried both of them which makes this dinner a success.

I wonder what colors she is going to pick next week – I bet we are back to pink. Suggestions???

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