Rainbow Dinner – Challenge #2

I have something to share with you.

As I wrote last week, my goal is to get my daughter to try new foods.  I have may have been slightly ambitious this week but still rate our meal as a success!

The challenge?  Create a dinner with three rainbow colors chosen by my daughter.  She gets to choose one food that I cannot use.  The colors?  This week she chose red, yellow and orange.  No peppers.

Last week was tough – pink, purple and blue.  But thanks to food coloring, a success. This week was going to be much easier but I had so many choices.  I decided to introduce a new food, bring back an old favorite and play it safe with the rest.

Red Quinoa – a new food.  I recently tried quinoa for the first time at Whole Foods. They have a tex-mex quinoa with black beans and it is really good.  So, I decided to introduce a new food to the family.  This could be my red even though it doesn’t really look “red”.


Salmon – an old favorite.  I used to make salmon a lot more but my daughter decided she didn’t like it after eating it a few times.  I called it the pink fish but the novelty wore off.  But for rainbow dinner, it would be my orange.

Salsa – The safe bet.  I decided to make a salsa using corn, cherry tomatoes(red alternate), avocado, lime juice and red onions.  All the colors for Rainbow dinner were covered!  Hope this works!

The results? My daughter LOVED the salmon(mission accomplished), STRONGLY DISLIKED the quinoa (even though hers was served it in the shape of a flower) and as I thought, enjoyed her salsa!

imageDaddy's plate (no flower shaped quinoa)

Next Monday I am on the road for work so in two weeks we will continue Rainbow Dinner. And the colors have been chosen – Green, white and black. Any suggestions??

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