Words that make her smile(and read)

I have something to share with you.

Imagine you are back in kindergarten.  The teacher finishes her lesson and it’s time for lunch.  You grab your lunchbox hoping there is something fun inside.  Sandwiches can be boring, so is fruit unless it is cut in fun shapes or on kabobs!  What did Mom pack today?


If you Google lunchbox notes you will find so many options under images.  I wanted something she would find fun(Disney), small words to motivate her to try to read and a message that let her know how fantastic she is.   Check out some of the fun ones I have found!  I have linked the images below to the sites so you can download them.  It’s so easy – just print and cut!

Delicate Construction    lunch_box_love_preview

What special items do you put in your child’s lunchbox?


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