What do you wear to bed?

I have something to share with you!

Before you get too excited, this post is not going where you think.  Recently a friend of mine had a “closet consultant” come in and update her wardrobe and one of the items on the list was lounge and sleepwear.  She was informed that you should no longer be wearing old college t-shirts to bed in your 30’s.  The advice: wear something age appropriate while still looking “cute”.

I still have a few favorite t-shirts from my 20’s but I started buying new sleepwear a few years back after my sister-in-law bought me the most wonderful pair of pajamas from GapBody.  They were so soft, all black(slimming!), and super comfortable.

So I decided to clean out my closet and find some more super soft items for bedtime.  I didn’t want to spend too much money on high end fabrics since I wasn’t even going to be awake to appreciate it.  So, I headed back to the Gap and found something new.  And then I happened to be at Kohl’s.

pj-vw3 pj-vw2

Vera Wang makes fabulous pajamas!  I know, sometimes the more affordable items from the high end designers are not that great.  But, she has quite a few options at Kohls’s that look cute and are very affordable, especially during the numerous sales they run.  So I ask again, what will you be wearing to bed tonight?



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