And I ask…why not Texas?

I have something to share with you.

I miss my raspberry danish twist for breakfast. I miss my crumb coffee cake on weekends with coffee and fruit. I miss the mini chocolate chip cookies with milk for a snack in the afternoon. And I miss having a donut at night before bed, sometimes chocolate frosted, sometimes crumb.

No, this is not what I eat on a daily basis.  But I was thinking back to some of my favorite foods as a child, teenager and even young adult while I lived in the Northeast.  Have you guessed what I am talking about yet?

I live in Texas and for a very good reason, my suitcase comes home a few pounds heavier when I travel for business.  Here is the reason why.

My Happy Place at the new Kroger in Austin Landing(Dayton,OH)
My Happy Place at the new Kroger in Austin Landing(Dayton,OH)

My suitcase is filled with Entenmann’s treats.  When I pack I make sure to leave room for a box of donuts and a box of crumb cakes.  Sometimes cookies make it home too.  I bring them home with me from various cities since I could not imagine my five year old daughter not ever trying my favorite childhood treats.  Plus I score points with my husband since the chocolate frosted donuts are his absolute favorite.

So I ask again- why not Texas?  When I travel for work, my five year old doesn’t ask for a t-shirt, a magnet or even a new stuffed animal.  She requests that I bring home her favorite white box.  Please Entenmann’s- help me make my suitcase lighter and bring a smile to my daughter’s face!

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