How was your day?

I have something to share with you!

We try to eat dinner together every night as a family.  And of course I would ask my daughter what she did at school.  The answer – I don’t remember.  What?  You don’t remember?  You always remember when I say you can have ice cream for dessert or when I say we can go to the store and buy something new for good behavior.  But, you don’t remember what you did today?  Is the age of four when the “I don’t remembers” begin?

I mentioned this to a friend who recently became the stepmother of two teenagers and she made a suggestion.  Rather than ask what my daughter did at school, ask her about her favorite and least favorite parts of her day and then ask questions.  WOW – so simple.

So the next night I put dinner on the table and tell her I want to play a game.  Daddy would go first.  What was your favorite part of your day?  He says coming home to have dinner with the family(NICE JOB HONEY!).  I ask what his least favorite part of his day was and the “game” begins.

All of a sudden she wanted to go next and I heard about number games and art projects and foods she didn’t like.  I found out what other kids were doing in her class and places she learned about like Disney and California.

We have since expanded on some of the games at the dinner table(more on that in another post) but we still play this game every night.  And we have introduced it to other families and this helps both us and their families learn more about their child’s day.

So I ask, what was your favorite part and least favorite part of your day?

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